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Physical Education at Manor Court Community Primary

Physical Education at Manor Court Community Primary School

Our Physical Education subject lead is Miss Kitto

Statement of intent

Our school vision is to create a physical education curriculum that motivates, inspires and develops every child’s enthusiasm to become a lifelong learner and participator in sport with the knowledge of how to keep fit and healthy.  As a school we want to create a thrill around physical activities where every child feels confident and ready to participate.  


Aims for all children: 

  • To develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities 

  • Children are physically active for sustained periods of time 

  • They all engage in competitive sports and activities 

  • All children lead healthy, active lives.  


Progression and delivery 

From Early Years through to Key Stage 1 particular attention is paid towards Motor Competence (MC) and Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).  These consist of running and jumping; twisting and balancing; throwing and catching.  In Key Stage 2 pupils should be demonstrating proficient FMS and will continue to progress their MC.  Attention is increased towards rules, strategies, and tactics.  Healthy participation has an increased emphasis as well as reflecting on children’s own performances.  Children are encouraged to make safe long-term decisions and so develop an understanding of the relationships between physical activity and its effect on the body. 

The lesson plans follow a progression and skills map to ensure each child covers every area of the National Curriculum and gets to apply these to a range of sports. 

PE lessons involve a warm up, skill based activities and then a chance to apply the skill into a game based activity.  Every PE lesson is fun, engaging and energetic.  



PE interventions at Manor Court Community Primary are not the same as other classroom-based interventions.  If a child is seen to be lacking in FMS towards the end of KS1 they will be given the opportunity to join movement groups.  They could be focused on balance or co-ordination, fine or gross motor skills, dependant on the child’s needs.  


To ensure all children are fully involved within a PE lesson we build confidence and independence from the beginning.  Within every lesson plan there are options to adapt activities so all can achieve.  Outlining goals and targets during a lesson is also taken into account and is made child specific.