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Portuguese (MFL) at Manor Court Community Primary School

Portuguese (MFL) at Manor Court Community Primary School

Our Portuguese (MFL) subject lead is Mrs Gomes

Statement of intent: 

At Manor Court Community Primary, we understand that foreign languages are, and will continue to be, an essential part of our children’s lives. High quality Portuguese lessons should engage, inspire and equipping children with knowledge, skills and understanding of the world, cultures and languages. As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop understanding of languages through comparing them. They should also know how learning one foreign language will shape their knowledge through other cultures, traditions, countries and beliefs.  



  • Producing work through fun and engaging activities, real life experiences, explore and record their learning. 

  • Become proficient through the step-by-step learning such as songs, cooking, games, online researching. 

  • Knowing about the educational system in other countries, understanding the historical and cultural views of those countries. 

  • Cross-curricular links.  


Progression and delivery: 

By the end of each key stage, pupils are expected to know, apply and understand the concepts of the Portuguese language relevant for their program of study. Children in key stage one should be taught the basis of Portuguese language such as greetings, counting, days of the week and months of the year. They will explore the language through songs, by understanding familiar nursery rhymes and familiar books.  


In key stage two, children should be taught to progress their understanding about the language, having opportunity to explore more in-depth the Portuguese language and culture, also making links with other cultures. Children will learn a variety of topics such as food, where they have practical activities to cook and bake traditional recipes. They will learn about schools and start to communicate with a partner school in Portugal, this will contribute towards an understanding of different life styles.  


As a school, we provide a variety of opportunities within Portuguese so that our children can thrive and develop their own understanding about the world, which will contribute for future good citizens living in a diverse society. Each year we hold a multicultural day where children can dress with traditional outfits from the world, taste food from around the world, learn about a different country and create a variety of traditional activities throughout the day.  


The current provision in place is weekly teaching of Portuguese in years 1 to 6 by Sonia Gomes, the Modern Foreign Language teacher and she provides advice to any of the class teachers about their Portuguese planning.  


Tracking and assessment:  

Portuguese is monitored through examples of work and through book scrutiny, where children progress is monitored. The National Curriculum is the guidance which provides objectives so lessons are progressive to make sure children will develop their skills and understanding as they move up through the school with ideas becoming more complex.  



Interventions in Portuguese will not be academic in the same way that they are for other subjects. Multicultural clubs are on offer for children across the key stages.  



Portuguese lessons will be planned in a way which means that all children are able to access the objectives. Differentiated activities will be planned when appropriate and use of scaffolding and both adult and peer support will ensure that all children learn the skills.