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Late/Absence Procedures

All pupils are expected to be punctual. Late arrival to school means a disorganised start to the day, disruption to lessons and lost learning opportunities. Pupils arriving late to school will be required to sign in via the main reception. The lateness will be recorded by the Attendance Administrator and logged within SIMs. This information is then passed onto the Attendance Officer for further review.


Parents of persistently late pupils will be informed by letter and the monitoring phases documented below will be triggered. We prioritises the monitoring, support and robust action needed to secure high levels of punctuality. We believe it is important to work with parents to improve their children’s punctuality. We recognise that parents and carers play a vital role, and have a legal responsibility to ensure good punctuality and we aim to identify, investigate and work in partnership with parents and carers, children and other agencies to resolve punctuality problems.


The following Attendance Phases are a guide for parents on the steps that Manor Court Community Primary School will take to support the punctual arrival of pupils at school. At every stage of our Punctuality Phases we welcome the opportunity to engage with parents and carers. Early intervention and pupil support sits at the heart of our approach to raising levels of pupil engagement.

Punctuality Phases an explanation

Punctuality letter that will be sent home to all parents who's child's punctuality falls below the expected level